Beare Green Village Hall. Merebank, Beare Green, Surrey, RH5 4RD


In the corridor of the hall past the toilets, is the village bookshare (not to be confused with the library books in the front hall, which are not part of the bookshare).  You can donate books in good condition by placing them on the shelves here, and take a book away with you to borrow or keep, whenever the hall is open for any purpose.  There is no need or ability to log what books you donated or took, and you don’t need a library card, as this is not the library.   Not operating due to Covid as at April 2021 (simply because the hall itself is closed; bookshare is not manned, so when the hall is open you may just use it); sterilise the covers of any books you take, although generally they will have been there for >>> a few days and so shouldn't comprise any risk.  

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