Beare Green Village Hall. Merebank, Beare Green, Surrey, RH5 4RD

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Located just south of Dorking (5 minutes walk from Holmwood train station; direct trains to London Victoria) Beare Green Village Hall is close to the A24, and with a large free car park.

Beare Green Village Hall
Beare Green

Bookings: 07826 340143

Add the "what three words" app to your phone, every 3 metre square on the planet is uniquely described by three words in a given order; the app lets you navigate there. Much better than a postcode; as used by the emergency services and the coastguard, and increasingly by the public.  Our three words are parks.went.doors - or on a computer, go direct to

Main Hall - This is the largest of our halls (14.7m by 10.7m; height is 5.5m) and as well as being ‘the place to go’ for private parties, business meetings and coffee-mornings. It is air conditioned, so it can be cool in summer, and has a beautiful view over the village pond, can seat 100 comfortably and has capacity for a maximum of 280 people standing and seated; for large public meetings that we host where all are seated and need to see the screen, we have found about 150 to be a sensible upper limit.  We can lend our radio microphone to such meetings. For conferences or other needs it can be blacked out or dimmed via blinds if needed, has dimmable LED lighting, and has anti-echo ceiling tiles giving excellent acoustics, as well as a large, powerful projector and large screen, audio facilities including a sound loop, and even a piano. If you need to connect your sound source (mobile phone or anything else) to our sound system, which has a flying 3.5mm jack plug for this purpose, just let us know beforehand.  It is also possible to connect to an iphone.  The screen connection can be HDMI connection type or VGA type, to suit your laptop or other video source.  There is a blueray DVD player which is able to connect to BBC iplayer, Netflix, Amazon Movies and similar, if needed (we have a BBC television licence, and reasonably fast wifi, at about 50 MB/s). 

Front Hall - This is smaller (5.4m by 5.3m) and regularly being used by various local clubs and groups. It is perfect for smaller groups of up to 45.  It too has a projector/screen (VGA video connection; HDMI connection is temperamental; will update soon) and sound system. 

Meeting Room - This has a capacity to seat 20 people. It is 4.75m by 4.4m.  It too has a projector/screen and sound, which operates via a VGA connection (not HDMI), but the projector is (until we update it, soon) of a sort where you need to load some software onto your laptop to drive it; it’s not a case of just connecting up a video lead.  Bookers can have early access by appointment to set that software up. 

Tables and chairs are provided in each hall and room sufficient for the maximum number of users above. Both halls and the meeting room are provided with video projector and sound facilities.

All or part of the hall is available to hire for community gatherings and private functions. Do get in touch if you would like to come and see that the hall meets your requirements. You won’t find a nicer hall in Surrey !

You will find the village defibrillator on the side of the village hall near the bench, closest to Merebank road.  Anyone can very easily use this public defibrillator.  No training is expected or needed.  You’ll be helped (it, and the 999 operator, can both talk to you).  It is NOT for ambulance crews - they have their own !! - it is for you, the public, to save a life.  Dial 999 for the entry code to unlock the cover and start using it. 

Outside of an emergency, search "defib trainer" or "AED trainer" in your phone's app store for an app that helps know how to use it.  But don't do that in an actual emergency, call 999 and begin.  

Keep the "keep clear" marked space clear at all times for an ambulance which may be needed there at any time.  

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