Huge efforts are made to keep our open spaces looking good. Here are some examples in Great Turners Wood



Next BGCA Open Meeting



The date of the next meeting of the BGCA trustees’ committee, open to all to contribute ideas for what the hall and village trustees should be doing (or just come and listen if you like), is to be Thursday 19th September at 7:30 pm in the front hall. Tea or coffee available. Among other things we will be discussing the October jumble sale, a possible live music evening event in November, the annual New Year’s Eve event and what sort of entertainment to provide this year, the village cinema, the village facebook page, the new weekly community foodshare (Fridays 12:30) and the possible installation of a heat pump at the village hall. Come and tell us what you’d like us to do – or maybe even join us; the more trustees there are, the easier it is to get things done


Friday Fridge Van - Free Food

To stop food waste, there is now a weekly food van can that comes to Beare Green every Friday. It stops at the village hall at about 12.00 and stays for about half an hour. It is organised by the Dorking Community Fridge who are based at St Martin’s Christian Centre, and in Beare Green it is manned by local volunteers Lesley and Caroline. The van collects surplus supermarket food near to it's use-by date, that would go otherwise go to waste from sources in Brighton and Horsham. Residents bring a bag and chose items from those on display to fill up to a bag each. Donations cover the running costs of the van. On fine days the food is displayed in the Village Hall car park, on cold or wetter days BGCA Trustee Lesley lets them into the Hall's Foyer. The van moves on at about 12.45 to set up at Rickwood Park, Beare Green, RH5 4PP at 1'ish for another half hour.


Jumble Sale

Saturday 19th October, bring the items 10 to 12, open to the public from 2 to 4. See full information here


Christmas Fair

Saturday 23rd November, timing tbc nearer the time.


New Year's Eve

New year’s eve is as usual. Price not yet confirmed but expected to be £5 again. Not a band this time, probably a disco as people were asking for that.


Fun day

Saturday 20th June 2020 12:00 to 16:00


Beare Green Litter Pick

Volunteers are sought for village litter picking, on the first Thursday of each month starting at 12:00 at the village hall. Simple professional litter picking-up mechanical sticks (to avoid bending) and bags provided.  Let’s take pride in our village!
Just come on Thursday from 12-2 (or whatever time you can spare), at Beare Green Village Hall, and subsequently at the same time  on the 1st Thursday of each Month, i.e. 7th March, 4th April, 2nd May, 6th June, 4th July, 1st Aug, 5th Sep, 3rd Oct, 7th Nov, 5th Dec.
Cup of tea and a chat included. John Roche


New Year's Eve 2018

For the third year running a New Year's Eve Party took place organised by Sandra Howard (BGCA Trustee).

Tommy Cooper lookalike (Gordon Howard)

Music from Richard Stephenson

BGCA Trustees would like to wish all our helpers, supporters, and residents a very Happy New Year and hope to see you all at future events in 2019.

PROJECT ECHO and the strong tower

As modern and spacious as the main hall at Beare Green Village Hall is, it has always had a big ECHO which was a problem for some users. As the village cinema project has advanced, we needed to deal with it, and to be able to cover the top windows; and add dimmable lighting. Work was also needed on the ceiling smoke detectors and high up emergency lights. We needed an access tower ! (see photo).

Trustees bought tiles that absorb 95% of sound and hired men to fit them. Remote controlled window blinds came from by Solomon Blinds, and Beare Green electrician Dave Cullis did the electrical work. The echo is largely gone, and the new ceiling, dimmable LED lights and blinds look lovely.

Future use of the hall should improve from new bookings from musical groups, and from the monthly cinema (second Saturday of the month, starting September) and other events planned for the autumn, through to a new year’s eve event with live music … we hope you all come along !”


New Year's Eve 2017

For the second year running a grand New Year's Eve Party took place this year organised by Sandra Howard (BGCA Trustee) with over fifty residents and friends enjoying another superb night of entertainment including our regular barn dance musician Barbara Steadman-Allen (our vicar) and caller Maria Young (BGCA Secretary).

By popular demand our very own Tommy Cooper lookalike (Gordon Howard) and Shirley Bassey (Sandra Howard) gave stirling performances between a variety of 60's and 70's popular music and singalong old song favourites.

BGCA Trustees would like to wish all our helpers, supporters, and residents a very Happy New Year and hope to see you all at future events in 2018.

Beare Green Community Association volunteers have been working on the footpath around the pond. Undergrowth has been cut back and a new woodchip path has been laid over mud and eroded bare tree roots. This reduces the damage to the tree roots, makes using the footpath safer and generally enhances the beautiful walkway around the pond. Mole Valley District Council contractors provided the wood chippings from some tree safety work around the park area where some trees had to be reduced.
























































Maintaining the pathway around the pond








Maintaining the pathway alongside Great Turners Wood with help from Leith Hill Trefoil Guild

Beare Green Community Association volunteers with members of Leith Hill Trefoil Guild have been working on the footpath adjacent to Great Turners Wood off Highland Road.  Their intention is to maintain and enhance the path and the adjacent section of woodland for the benefit of residents, visiting walkers and local wildlife. Hazel and holly have been cut to open up the canopy and allow light to reach the floor. This has each year encouraged the growth of ground flora. Last year we saw the growth of bluebells along this pretty path and it is hoped that following years will bring even more colour to this well used thoroughfare. Cut material has been used to create a ‘dead hedge’ along the edge of the footpath which will benefit invertebrates, fungi and other wildlife. The ivy that had taken hold on so many of the strangled trees is being gradually removed to allow the trees to recover. Work pauses each year to allow the resident birds to nest throughout the woodland and in particular the inquisitive robins and wrens that have increased in number on the footpath since work began several years ago.  Great Turners Wood is cared for by Beare Green Community Association in partnership with volunteers from Gatwick Greenspace and Mole Valley District Council. We are also grateful for the help and backing from our District Councillor Michelle Watson.



New Year's Eve 2016

A grand New Year's Eve Party took place organised by Peter Hewitt (BGCA Co-ordinator) with over sixty residents and friends enjoying a superb night of entertainment including a barn dance led by Barbara (our vicar) and Maria (BGCA Secretary), fun and humour from Tommy Cooper lookalike (Gordon Howard) and a rendition of Shirley Bassey's "Hey Big Spender" by Sandra Howard (BGCA trustee).

A Cottage Pie supper was provided with a bar and the night was highlighted with seeing in New Year in with a superb display of fireworks lighting up the New Year's Day sky.

If you missed it, let's hope it is repeated in 2017!


Another Grand Jumble Sale!!

The Community Association is run by volunteers - part of its remit is raising money to maintain the village hall so that it is available for hire to groups, parties, classes etc. It is a valuable asset to Beare Green residents.

We are in need of some extra help to run our events and would welcome any time you might be able to offer us - If you would like any further information please let any of the trustees listed in Contacts have your name and telephone number or email address and we will be in touch. You would always be offered a warm welcome.




If you would like to support our efforts to maintain and improve our Village Hall by making online purchases through Easy Fund Raising at no expense to yourself please use the link below.

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