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The newly refurbished Village Hall is available to hire for community gatherings and private functions. Please ring the Bookings Secretary on 07826 340143



BGCA CIO - entry with the Charities Commission number 1157653 can be seen here.

All trustees and officers can be contacted at:

Beare Green Community Association, Beare Green Village Hall. Merebank, Beare Green, Surrey, RH5 4RD.

They are listed as below:

Mr Sandy Horvath chairman@bgca.org.uk  
Mrs Linda Horvath treasurer@bgca.org.uk  
Mr Brendan Watson secretary@bgca.org.uk  
Mr Alan Smallwood co-ordinator@bgca.org.uk  
Cinema Section:    
Mr Steve Campbell cinema@bgca.org.uk  
Mrs Sandra Howard events@bgca.org.uk 07340 200077
Men's Group Section:    
Mr Mervyn Young mensgroup@bgca.org.uk  
Hall Bookings Secretary:    
Mrs Joan Wigham bookings@bgca.org.uk 07826 340143
Mrs Pauline Brown    
Mr Steve Campbell    
Mrs Linda Horvath    
Mr Sandy Horvath    
Mrs Sandra Howard    
Mrs Margaret King    
Mrs Sue Millard    
Mr Paul Mott    
Mrs Caroline Salmon    
Mr Alan Smallwood    
Mr Brendan Watson    
Mrs Lesley West    
Community Representatives :    
Mrs Lisa Ryan Beare Green Parish Councillor  
Rev Barbara Steadman-Allen St Mary Magdelaine Church  
Mrs Michelle Watson Mole Valley Conservative District Councillor  
Associate Members :    
Mrs Valerie Homewood    



If you would like to support our efforts to maintain and improve our Village Hall by making online purchases through Easy Fund Raising at no expense to yourself please use the link below.

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